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At Return Touch we are ready to help you with any tax realted issues. Be it income tax be it professional tax, vat even auditing service you can count on us.

PAN Registration & Correction

All taxpayers are provided with a PAN number (Permanent Account Number). This benefits them to a considerable degree as it makes the tax payment easier. They can use it to file for Tax returns. If you are an organization or even a private individual, you know how essential Tax retuns are. While filing for this, you need to provide the authorites with your PAN number. The PAN number is required during communications with the authorities of the Income Tax department as well.

People not having a PAN card are unable to:

  • Open a bank account in any bank in India. This inludes opening a Trading and Demat Account, which restrict trading severely.
  • Get a Credit Card. There are several prequisites to getting a credit card, and having a PAN card is one of them.
  • Buy and sell vehicles in India.
  • Pay an amount more than or equal to the sum of Rs. 50,000 to a company in exchange of shares offered by it.
  • Pay an amount exceeding the sum of Rs. 25,000 in bill payment at hotels and restaurants.
  • Make deposits at the bank a sum of money more than Rs. 50,000.

Return Touch makes life easier for you by helping you a new PAN card. We help in registration of new cards, as well as during correction and uptating of existing PAN cards.

TAN Registration & Correction

TAN or Tax Deduction and Collection Account Number is a special alpha-numeric ID. It is given to those engaged in the collection and deduction of tax by the Income Tax Department. The TAN card ccan be obtained even in the absence of a PAN card.

The TAN Number is essential as it helps:

  • Individuals concerned with collection and deduction of income tax. In order to do this, they require the Number.
  • To facilitate making tax deductions and collections easier by making the processes simpler.
  • Deduction of tax from payment heads on the income tax sheet such as Interest, Dividend and Salary.
  • This is possible without applying for multiple TAN numbers.
  • Can be used during issuing of challans and certificates in connection to TCS and TDS. You do not require a separate TAN Number for TCS.

Return Touch helps you during registering for a new TAN Number as well as during making corrections and updates on existing ones.

Income Tax Return

Our company has a team of dedicated consultants and professional accountants. They are gifted with the latest industry knowledge and can help your company out as well. Services offered are:

  • Development of document related of tax payments
  • Making the process of tax payment easier
  • Filing for Tax Returns
  • Service is offered for both companies as well as individuals

At Return Touch, we can help you in your ITR filing and all related necessary documentation.

VAT Registration

Any company involved in sales through manufacturing and trading, both as an individual organization or in partnership with another is liable to have VAT registration. This is essential as the Government of India has made VAT registration imperative. The way to get this is by making an application with your local Sales Tax Department. You need to fill official forms, submit the necessary documents and pay the fees specified. Once these are over with, you are provided with a TIN (Tax Identification Number).

The benefits of having a VAT registration are as follows:

  • It is only after having a VAT registration that you receive the TIN number
  • Having a TIN number enables you to issue tax invoices to others, which is not possible without it
  • Benefit by getting your Input Tax Credit. This is the difference of your output tax and your purchase tax. The Input Tax Credit is compared to your Net Payable amount when your sales tax rises beyond a certain level.
  • You can use your TIN number to view the tax situation of your business by using it on VAT websites
  • It gives you benefits which an unregister ┬áperson does not get
  • Gives credibility to your business and increases chances of having more suppliers

Contact us now for help in VAT registration!

Professional Tax Return

Professional  Tax is something which you need to give to the state as a salaried employee of a company. People liable to pay the tax include layers, medical professionals and chartered accountants.

Out company benefits you in:

  • Making the processes hassle-free and easier
  • Giving the latest skills of our own professionals
  • Providing solutions to all your tax-related issues

Service Tax Payments

Any company involved in providing services needs to pay a service tax. The sum is taxable on the nature and volume of service provided. Companies need to register themselves at the Central Excise Office as and when the organization’s aggregate value of taxable service in a given financial year rises beyond Rs 9 lakhs. This needs to be done by filling up the Form ST1.

The benefits of registration are several:

  • One can file for tax returns and pay service taxes only when registered
  • Registration is required for only that office premise from where the company’s central billing is done, regardless of the other premises from where services are given
  • Anyone not registered is liable to pay Rs 500 as penalty

Contact us and see how we can help you during the registration process!

Auditing Service

Auditing is the process of viewing the company’s financial status and condition, its inventory, facilities etc. In short, it involves taking stock of the company’s assets. While most companies nowadays have a separate department to deal with auditing, sometimes they need professional help. This is where we come in.

We as a well known independent auditing firm can help you in:

  • Checking your company’s financial report
  • Viewing your financial situation
  • Giving you requisite advice

Trust, N.G.O, Club, 80G Registration

India, like every country, has its own set of rules and regulations pertaining to NGOs. They are seen as a society, a company, and a trust. An NGO can be registered as an organization, by a group or by an individual.

We offer:

  • New company registration service
  • Proper and legal processes

With our team of lawyers and attorneys, we make the journey easier for you.

Tax Planning Services

Our company has a professional data filing center under the MCA Company Law Matter. Tax Planning is essential for all companies, and that is why we offer you the following benefits:

  • Secure documentation
  • File arrangement
  • Preparation and arrangement of income tax returns
  • Manual filing
  • E-filing
  • Misscellaneous secretarial services